The Overlook

A peaceful alpine lake overlook   Mixed Media

Royal Embrace

A royal embrace from loving parents.  What more can one ask for?   Mixed Media

Free Spirit

A lovely portrayal of a free spirit through a beautiful German Shepherd.   Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylic)

Never Fear

A tribute to our parents and parental figures who make us feel like we never have to fear.   Ink on Paper

Blues Brothers

A monochrome piece depicting the joy and love of siblings with a tip of the hat to the actual Blues Brothers.  ...
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Double Blessing

As a parent, it is a double blessing to have double offspring.  Alternatively, as a child, it is a double blessing to...
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Dynamic Duo

An unexpected yet dynamic duo.  We never know who we will befriend!   Colored Pencil

Help Is Near

Help is always near.  During trials and tribulations, there is always a way back to safety and peace.   Charcoal

Beneath The Surface

So much exists beneath what we see on the surface.  Let us examine what lies beneath the surface.   Acrylic on Canvas

Play Date

Embrace the moments of play.   Pencil on Paper