Royal Embrace

A royal embrace from loving parents.  What more can one ask for?   Mixed Media


A happy tyrannosaurus rex with friends.   Watercolor & Ink

Free Spirit

A lovely portrayal of a free spirit through a beautiful German Shepherd.   Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acrylic)

Wings For Fur

A commissioned piece of four pets in various media.   Pencil, Ink, Colored Pencil, Watercolor

Where You Go, I Go

No matter the challenges and disputes, family is forever.  Where you go, I go.   Watercolor

Double Blessing

As a parent, it is a double blessing to have double offspring.  Alternatively, as a child, it is a double blessing to...
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Aurora Borealis

How amazing is our earth and atmosphere to be able to display such wonders as the Aurora Borealis.   Watercolor

Drop of Glory

A special work created for the American Water Works Association 2021 Awards Ceremonies.  The three stages of a water drop captured in...
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