A representation of the salt covenants God made with the Levitical priesthood and the line of David.  A depiction of the helical...
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Salt Of The Earth

Let us be the fresh salt of the earth to preserve order and slow decay. Matthew 5:13   Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Dynamic Duo

An unexpected yet dynamic duo.  We never know who we will befriend!   Colored Pencil

Help Is Near

Help is always near.  During trials and tribulations, there is always a way back to safety and peace.   Charcoal

Beneath The Surface

So much exists beneath what we see on the surface.  Let us examine what lies beneath the surface.   Acrylic on Canvas

The King’s Army

Make way for the King’s Army.  We shall have nothing to fear when we are on God’s side. Heaven is God’s throne...
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An abstract depiction of beautiful impact.   Acrylic on Canvas

The Greatest Pearl

The greatest pearl can arguably be our beautiful earth and the gift of life.