What do you see as your reflection?   Ink on Paper

Pas De Deux

The best partner for a Pas De Deux is God Himself.   Charcoal

Another Adventure

Another adventure has come!  No matter how big or small, let us face each adventure with boldness and confidence. Watercolor


How do we perceive a mere drop of water?  Do we see an intricate physical collision or a masterpiece of nature?  Or...
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A different medium accompanies a different stage of maturation.  What tools and resources do we use in different levels of maturity? Ink...
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Floral Cluster

There is beauty in singularity as well as in multitude.  Clusters of flowers evoke unique radiance and beauty! Ink on Paper  

Safe and Sound

What makes us feel safe and sound? Ink and Pencil on Paper

Rise and Shine

Rise and shine without a worry in the world! Ink and Pencil on Paper