Let us cherish the moments of comfort. Pencil

A Friendly Otter

A friendly face can brighten one’s day.  Let us embrace the seemingly quick or insignificant glances we receive from others.  Who knows...
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Iridescent Drop

A single drop of water can contain so much life and vibrance!  We should cherish each moment of our day that way!...
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A bountiful harvest of lemons awaits a myriad of fabulous creations! Acrylic on Paper  


How do we perceive a mere drop of water?  Do we see an intricate physical collision or a masterpiece of nature?  Or...
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Odette the White Swan Acrylic on Paper


How wonderful to rest in the safety and serenity of motherhood. Watercolor on Canvas


Let us take some time to soak in a picturesque sunset whenever we get the chance. Acrylic on Canvas


Let us enjoy the beauty of the rose.  What does a rose represent to you? Pencil on Paper

Sibling Love

The love between two sibling penguins may not be too dissimilar from the love we share with our own siblings. Acrylic on...
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