realism drawing


Let us cherish the moments of comfort. Pencil

Iridescent Drop

A single drop of water can contain so much life and vibrance!  We should cherish each moment of our day that way!...
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How do we perceive a mere drop of water?  Do we see an intricate physical collision or a masterpiece of nature?  Or...
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Let us enjoy the beauty of the rose.  What does a rose represent to you? Pencil on Paper


A different medium accompanies a different stage of maturation.  What tools and resources do we use in different levels of maturity? Ink...
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Pensive Puppy

Take a moment everyday to relax and ponder . . . just like a pensive corgi puppy. Ink on Paper

Mother’s Kiss

Parental affection is everywhere – even between a mother and baby seal. Pencil on Paper

Floating Slumber

How wonderful it is to sleep in the safety of a mother. Ink and Pencil on Paper